Rate Your Judge

App for bringing transparency into Ukraine’s judiciary system


The non-profit, non-government organization in Ukraine which fights corruption in the judicial system of Ukraine.


Rate Your Judge is a solution designed to bring transparency into Ukraine’s judiciary system by allowing proffesional lawyers which take part in court sessions to rate the level of proficiency of the judge and see the feedback of other lawyers


To create a solution that brings lawyers, judges and common people together on a platform for transparent reviews of the judges and courts of Ukraine. Having done that, the system generates detailed statistics of the ratings of the courts of Ukraine with the breakdown by city or region of Ukraine and allows the user to see the rating of the best and worst-performing judges bringing transparency to one of the most important government organs of the country.


Most of the actions are based on intuitiveness and common user-app interactions suggested by Human Interface Guidelines by Apple and Material Design Guidelines by Google.

Application screens

Each court of Ukraine has its own rating based on the ratings of all the Judges which work in that court. User can sort the list based on rating, filter by region, court type or by court’s name.

Application screens

App’s challenge was to keep all of the web functionality there and to be clean and simple at the same time.


By default, all the judges of Ukraine are uploaded into our system. If the judge starts using app, the system matches the judge-user with the existing profile.

Application screensApplication screensApplication screensApplication screens

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